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Data analysis with Compensation-Online

Your compensation structure with all strengths and weaknesses on a single page!

  • Easy and fast comparison between your compensation structure (red curve) and the market (blue-curve)
  • Adapt analyses to your specific region
  • Identifying over- and underpaid positions immediatley
  • Detailed information on each position just one click away
  • Analyses tailored to your organisational units or job families
  • Straight forward representation, comprehensible for beginners and experts alike

The results will show you at a glance whether your compensation system is in line with the market. You will be able to spot outliers at a glance (possibly a compelling argument for salary negotiations) and needs for action are also be visible to non-HR-experts.

Please notice: Only job profiles that are fully evaluated and include salary data are incorporated into the summary. A trend-curve will be displayed once you select at least five job profiles with different CO-grades.