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Job Evaluation

To ensure efficient and effective management in times of structural change or while setting up a comprehensible systematization of existing employees, an objective framework is necessary. With Compensation-Online you can set up this framework almost on your own and save a lot on expensive consultancy fees.

Additionally our Compensation-Online questionnaire connects the job evaluation with our huge compensation database. With over 2,000,000 evaluated entries, this database is unprecedented in Germany.

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The Compensation-Online job evaluation is an analytic method, that not only takes the „hard facts“ into account in order to determine the value of a job profile:

  • Necessary knowledge and intellectual capacity: minimum education/training and experience on the job, complexity and strategic influence of the function
  • Soft skills: requirement of skills in leadership, planning, communication and interaction
  • Responsibility: amount of budget and revenue responsibility and the impact on budget determination
  • Extraordinary strains: any physical or psychological strain on the job

The answers to all these questions are translated into points and then a score is calculated. Depending on this score, the job profile is then put in the according „Compensation-Online Grade“ together with job profiles of similar value. So these grades offer the possibility to compare completely different job profiles or even new job profiles.

Advantages of the Compensation-Online job evaluation

  • The acceptance and evaluation quality is supported by the transparency of method and process
  • The quality and accuracy of the evaluation is ensured by horizontal comparisons of evaluation results across organizations
  • The neutral online system supports a positive collaboration with the workers council and the committee of leadership positions
  • The possibility to compare with and transform the results to other evaluation systems
  • The clear and comprehensible presentation of criteria
  • No discrimination of certain jobs
  • The scales and its descriptions are contemporary and distinguishable

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