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Contact us!
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A GehaltsReport delivers compensation data for a specific job profile defined by you. That up-to-date market data is also region- and industry-specific.

Aspects in favor of a GehaltsReport

  • You can very freely define a job profile, its field of responsibility and the comparison criteria
  • It shows the following compensation elements:
    • Base salary
    • Overtime pay
    • Variable pay
    • Total Cash
    • Company pension schemes
    • Other payments
    • Total Remuneration
    • Company car for private use

Here you can see an example.

GehaltsReports conditions

Fee per GehaltsReport (processing time about 4 work days): 349 € Extra costs for fast processing (cuts time to 1 work day): 100 €

Processing time may increase for orders of more than 10 GehaltsReports. All prices are excl. VAT. Prices are not valid for top management positions and for companies larger than 2,500 employees. In these cases additional research is necessary, please contact us for details.

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